Proudly made in New Zealand, Cropp’s Bees Brilliance products are produced in the company’s very own certified factory, located ten minutes south of Nelson in a small village called Brightwater. It is here that Julene Cropp and her partner Matthew, along with their close knit team of ten, work on the brand. Understanding how their products are made is of high importance to them, and they work with reputable suppliers when sourcing functional ingredients, which hold the product together and collaborate directly with producers for New Zealand actives. It is also imperative to them to know that no bees are harmed in the making of their products, “Raising awareness for bee health, using ingredients which come from bee friendly crops and using ingredients which don’t harm bees are all part of our brand,” Cropp explains. “Bees teach us how to live in a manner that contributes positively to the world around them, and we can take their example of living in harmony with nature and with each other and apply it to our lives.”

Cropp believes a certain level of responsibility comes with being New Zealand made. “As a nation, we all have a responsibility first to our own people and our future generations,” Cropp explained. She added that consumers overseas value New Zealand made skin care more than Kiwis do. “It’s only when you travel, you start to realise that the natural ingredients grown here in New Zealand, have a lot more potency. They are often grown in remote places and compared to many other parts of the world; our environments are still reasonably unpolluted.”

At two years old, Bees Brilliance has already seen a lot of growth and the company are aware that consumers have ever changing needs and strive to keep them up by continually delivering innovative and compelling products. “We live in an age where people are connected, busy and time poor. There is so much to choose from, and it’s all available at the tip of your fingers. This has seen us develop innovative products which are so multi-functional you wonder how you ever lived without it. Take for instance our Instant Hydra Firming Shot, it’s an intensely hydrating and cooling gel that instantly tightens, plumps and helps maintain healthy skin lipids.”

Cropp believes that social media can be both a friend and enemy to businesses as consumers can receive information that is not necessarily from a credible source. However, Cropp likes that she can directly engage with customers and tell them the facts.

Looking to the future, Bees Brilliance wants to be globally recognised as a New Zealand Made skin care brand and are currently looking for a passionate brand ambassador who has a love of bees, the beauty industry and the New Zealand outdoors and nature to join their family.