Deadly Ponies Ponsonby Pop-Up

Deadly Ponies has opened a brand new pop-up store on Ponsonby Road. The store is exclusively stocking Deadly Ponies’ artisanally crafted, ethically sourced leather footwear, and will only be open for a limited time pre-Christmas.

Born from the desire to showcase the craftsmanship and innovation that has gone into creating the collection, the pop-up store offers customers a unique immersive experience to explore the brand's footwear range.

The Ponsonby location was chosen due to its proximity to Deadly Ponies' existing boutique, and the vibrancy the area exudes.

“We felt it aligned well with our brand's aesthetic and provided a great platform to introduce our footwear collection to a wider audience,” said Liam Bowden, Deadly Ponies Founder and Creative Director.

The pop-up store is a unique addition to the brand’s retail experience as it exclusively focuses on the footwear collection and offers a more in-depth and specialised experience than Deadly Ponies’ permanent boutiques.

The pop-up store will feature limited-edition footwear items that will be pre-released through the pop-up. These pieces are designed to be unique collector’s items, adding excitement for existing and new customers.

“We want people to have a memorable and immersive experience that highlights the uniqueness of our designs and a sense of connection to our brand and to leave with a pair of shoes that resonates with their personal style and needs,” said Bowden

Bowden hopes visitors to the store will leave with an appreciation of the artistry and quality that goes into creating the footwear