Ballantynes Expands Retail Presence In Invercargill

Ballantynes has announced the opening of its fourth retail store in New Zealand, in Invercargill CBD.

Called Ballantynes Select, the premium retail store will have a curated selection of fashion, accessories, and gifts from its flagship Christchurch store and other local and international anchor brands including RM Williams, Superdry, and Saben.

“We are delighted to finally bring the essence of Ballantynes to our southernmost city, and to be part of this bustling redevelopment,” said Ballantynes chief executive Maria O’Halloran.

Customers in Invercargill have been requesting a store for some time, with many traveling to the Canterbury stores for decades, so the company feels like it is time to finally make it happen.

“The concept for Ballantynes Select is a ‘best of the best’ model, giving our Southland customers the Ballantynes experience within a more modest retail footprint.”

Ballantynes will also add to the development of the Invercargill central business district.

“We are delighted that Ballantynes has chosen Invercargill Central as its Southland home, further adding to the heart of this vibrant shopping and dining destination. We look forward to welcoming them next year, and getting that Ballantynes Select sign-up as soon as we can,” said Invercargill businessman Scott O’Donnell.

The store is set to open by March 2024, with recruitment for five key roles beginning this month.

Ballantynes has also signed a franchise agreement with British fashion brand, Seasalt Cornwall, which opened its first international store on Auckland’s North Shore in October, following a 10-year wholesale distribution relationship.