Local Wellington retailer Hurricane Jeans has teamed up with international denim giant Levi's to celebrate the return of WOW to Wellington this week. Matt Stone, the head designer at Levi's Haus of Strauss, has created custom wearable artwork to transform the retailer's window. The unique installation, A Moment of Clear Confusion, will be revealed today and will feature two pieces by Stone. Stone is well-known for his custom garments for celebrities such as Lily Allen, The Black Keys and others across the globe.

"I've always been drawn towards the space in between heaven and hell. The beauty that lies within is truly magnificent," Stone explained about the pieces. "I wanted to explore the idea of salvation and destruction, the realms between light and dark and utilizing Levi's to make it part of the denim."

Hurricane Jeans is an independent retailer owned by David Byrne. Byrne was looking for a unique way to approach welcoming visitors to Wellington this year. "WOW is important to Wellington and we wanted to recognise and celebrate that, alongside our long, proud partnership with Levi's," said Byrne.

"It's been exciting to hear about Matt's progress as he created these unique trucker jackets. While they're almost unrecognisable, they're still totally wearable and celebrate the creativity and innovation at the heart of the World of Wearable Arts. We really appreciate Matt's work and the support from Levi's to celebrate this unique event," Byrne added.

The installation will be on display from today until Sunday 9th October.