Digital Marketing for Fashion Houses

Calvin Klein has announced that 2019 will see the end of the brands print marketing campaigns. Rather, they will be focusing on digital media, which they believe offers the best opportunity to connect with their consumers. “We will only consider print pages as a complement to these programs,” said Klein in a statement. Instead, the company will be using videos as their preferred format.

The brand's shift toward digital-centric advertising follows a host of digital marketing innovations and success stories throughout the industry. One of the most memorable presentations was Ted Bakers 2017 spring/summer campaign which featured an eight-part sitcom that played out across Instagram. The series consisted of interactive challenges and encouraged viewers to return each day to learn more about the collection and the characters they had created. The campaign also included a 360-degree shoppable film where viewers could make purchases as they explored the home of their favourite characters from the sitcom.

Not only have digital marketing campaigns in the fashion industry been making waves in terms of technological innovation, but they also have a unique reach to consumers that print advertising simply cannot replicate. Technology and Strategy Consulting firm Activate has released data which demonstrates the strong position technology holds in terms of consumers purchasing decisions. According to the firm, nearly three-quarters of all luxury goods purchases, whether they are purchased online or in physical stores, are influenced by what consumers do online. Brands are having to not only increase their online presence to reach customers but customize their digital experience to make their campaigns more memorable and interactive.

Calvin Klein has dabbled in digital marketing previously. Their most recent endeavour '#MyCalvins' featured their fall 2018 collection was a 30-second video which showed off the unique new styles of their new range. The video seemed to foreshadow the brands latest announcement to move away from print. The models were climbing and moving around the scaffolding of a large billboard, which made audiences compare the engaging new video with a static and less compelling billboard image you may see on the side of a road.

Calvin Klein is following in the footsteps of other major fashion houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, who have also moved to a primarily digital marketing strategy. Only time will reveal the innovative steps the brand takes to make an impact in the flooded digital market, and the potential rewards they may reap should they be successful.