You could say that founder Jane-Anne McAllister knows a thing or two when it comes to babies and what they need, with 14 children of her own and 24 grandchildren. However, her iconic New Zealand childrenswear brand Dimples has stood the test of time because of her determination, passion and entrepreneurial mindset, something she claims to have inherited from her father.

Unable to find practical, high-quality, and comfortable clothing for her own children, McAllister began sewing them herself and sought quality fabrics to use. It wasn’t long before her hobby turned into a business and her store Dimples opened in 1992, quickly gaining a reputation for quality New Zealand-made garments.

“I really wanted to make clothes that were not only comfortable but also fashionable, not just sleeping suits,” said McAllister. “One of the key aspects was the quality of the garments, allowing durability and washability, and that they didn’t just last one wash.”

From the get-go, the business has involved various other members of the family, and not just as fit-models. Daughters Charlotte and Rebecca both currently work in the business on the shop floor, as well as daughter Felicity at their head office.

The store not only stocks the Dimples clothing brand but also furniture and products that are essentials for families and new parents. “We don’t sell anything in the store that we haven’t used, or don’t believe in.”

Over the years, the biggest challenge has been to stay New Zealand made when almost every other brand went offshore to lower prices, but in turn often lowered the quality levels. “I think by remaining New Zealand made we have maintained quality and value in our garments that has longevity. Our collections are all designed and made in New Zealand using local businesses.”

A real highlight for McAllister came one evening when the phone rang and it was the buyer at Harrods in the UK. “I thought my husband was joking, but this was one of the biggest opportunities that landed on my doorstep and it was only due to the dollar crashing that we had to stop. Overall though, I would have to say that my greatest achievement was seeing the brand and the store go from strength to strength and its stickability in the market, through good and bad economic times.”

The store has recently incorporated WeChat pay and AfterPay as payment options. “This is something that has allowed our customers to pay in ways that are convenient to them.”

It is safe to say that Dimples is synonymous with quality, and it is one of the biggest drawcards for customers. “Our customers know that when they buy from our store, it is not only quality, but a place where they can go to ask questions, get reassurance, and has very much a family and caring atmosphere.”

The team at Dimples regularly researches and attends international expos to source products from around the world to offer customers.

If you would like to stock the Dimples brand or be stocked in the store please contact donna@dimples.co.nz.