Established in 2017, after Natalia Kirwan couldn’t find any anatomic and orthopaedic footwear in New Zealand. Kirwan’s daughter started to walk at ten months and had developed intoeing. “One of her feet was so even turned inside when she was walking, so we went to see a children’s specialist,” Kirwan explained. “Luckily, we travelled overseas around that time, and I got her two pairs of supportive orthopaedic footwear specially designed to improve her intoeing condition. It really helped.” The shoes encourage her daughter to walk straight and slowly over a few months her intoeing condition was significantly improved by 95 percent. For Kirwan, the wait and see if they grow out of it approach was never good enough. In her case, special supportive footwear is what improved her daughter's condition. “Quality footwear for their first steps has always been my priority for all my three kids. I have always been buying the first footwear for my kids overseas. There is a market here for mums like me. In our product range, we have a special Ortho collection available for those kids who need extra support and correction. All our footwear we stock meet the main principals of anatomic footwear. The correct shoe construction is a priority for us over the fast fashion trends.”

Little Globus’ mission is to deliver the best quality children’s footwear at the most affordable prices. It is very new and a bit different for the New Zealand market. “Our manufacturers are using different approaches and technologies when creating footwear.” Key elements to their pieces are firm and comfortable fits, sole flexibility, anatomic leather insole with a small pillow, rounded toe, and a high and firm heel counter. As well as, a Thomas heel, appropriate fasteners, and genuine leather and safe, non-toxic materials. “In our practice, we value sustainability, tradition, common sense in fashion and scientific approach,” she added. “We truly believe in health benefits of anatomic footwear. The foot is a complex structure of 26 bones and 33 joints, held together and supported by scores of ligaments. These components work together to provide the body with support, balance, and mobility. A structural flaw or malfunction in any one part can result in the development of problems elsewhere in the body.”

As the sole business owner, Kirwan works with several talented people including a photographer and art director, a website developer, IT support, and of course her husband as her business adviser. “My suppliers are doing a fantastic job. My five-year-old daughter is the face of the business, and she is doing an amazing job.”

Excited to extend their product range, Kirwan said they are introducing a clothing range to complement their footwear. The same essential principals will be their paramount priority; superb quality, natural materials, timeless designs with a modern twist, and affordability. The clothing will be made in Europe. However, Kirwan is very interested in collaborating with a New Zealand designer to produce the clothing in New Zealand.

Little Globus’ showroom in Epsom, Auckland is open every Saturday 10 am – 2 pm. Kirwan chose this model of operating to minimise costs and to keep their prices at the most affordable level. She added that they are flexible with any other business opportunities and would like to be stocked in with other local retailers.

“It is vital to get proper quality shoes for your child.”

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