EARTH DAY LIVE RECAP: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder Part II

green leaf plant

Earth Day Live is an event series that explores environmental issues and examines a variety of innovative solutions to help protect the Earth.

The most recent virtual event, “Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder Part II” addressed the designers at the frontline of sustainable fashion. They covered topics on sustainable supply chain, innovations in 3D design rendering, consumer transparency, and how they incorporated sustainability in every step of their design process.

According to Jordan Nordase, Founder and Creative Director of Boyish Jeans, driving sustainable change in the culture of fashion requires adaptability. Companies must learn to produce clothing with sustainability as a priority, and not profitability.

The road to sustainability is not an easy one. Dana Davis, Vice President of Sustainability, Product and Business Strategy of Mara Hoffman, said that it took their business fifteen years to successfully incorporate sustainability into every step of their production. First, they started with investigating eco-friendly materials they could use as alternatives and then they had to focus on supply chain sustainability to ensure that every facet of their design choices was sustainable.

“Tapping into spirituality and how we relate to each other, there is a sense of community that comes from designing with your environment in mind and when you have the people around you in mind,” said Anyango Mpinga, Founder and Creative Director of Anyango Mpinga.

Sustainable fashion is not just about sustainability, but also community as designers and consumers work together to protect our shared home.