The 2016 Hastings Pak’nSave Edible Fashion Awards were a raging success, with a record number of entrants of all ages presenting various creative designs to the panel of judges.

Event organiser, Odette Bowyer, said she was overwhelmed with the creativity and use of materials, impressed that some entrants had been preparing for up to six months before the show. The judging panel consisted of former World of Wearable Arts winner Kate Mackenzie as lead judge and Kilt founder Melissa Williams alongside model and television personality Colin Mathura-Jeffree.

Designer Darrell Woodward took home the $4000 prize for her Bride of the Black Knight design constructed from Black Knight liquorice and yellow shopping bags.

"This time last year, I sat in the audience and thought' Next year, I'm going to give it a go'," said Woodward.