Editor’s Pick: Caitlin Griffin

Caitlin Griffin has always had a passion for fashion and attended Whitecliffe to study design at only 16. Throughout her time with the institute, she learnt not only the technical skills that will propel her into the next stages of her career but how to harness a strong work ethic and persevere through more trying times. “Now that I have all these skills I just need to put them to use,” shared the emerging designer. “There are always opportunities waiting. You just have to go searching for them.”

Griffin’s graduate collection for the fashion tech contained three unique outfits, five garments and was inspired by the unique beauty of nature. “I was inspired by how unusual nature can be, not symmetrical or perfect in any way, but it can still be so beautiful,” she explained. The emerging designer filled her collection with statement silhouettes, as per her signature, and used a variety of materials which reflected her concept. “I made a coat out of organza because it is unusual but absolutely gorgeous, and drapes so well.” Griffin’s other inspirations include classic Dior designs with their striking silhouettes.

Following her time with Whitecliffe, Griffin expressed her eagerness to branch out and create a brand of her own. She also recognised the growth she must still undergo in order to make that transition, as finding her edge on the market will be one of her biggest challenges in the industry. “Finding that thing that I’m good at that no one else is doing,” she elaborated.  Griffin declared that while this will be a challenging time as she attempts to take her career to the next level, she is confident that her skills and determination will see her succeed.

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