Expanding Beyond Apparel For 7th Snow Collection

Releasing its seventh annual snow collection, Superdry has unveiled its campaign that was shot in New Zealand featuring Kiwis Jesse Cassrels, Tanya Stone, and Tim Westerkamp. "The brand is incredibly proud of its ability to blend high quality performance technology with iconic style," said Matthew Iozzi, Superdry head of marketing and PR. On top of its annual apparel line, Superdry has partnered with US snowboard and ski brand, Gilson, to release a range of boards, skis and helmets.

"This partnership shows our dedication to the snow category and to snow performance in general beyond the traditional bounds of fashion retail," continued Iozzi. "With household savings at an all-time high and the ability to travel overseas still not a reality, we are confident that this will continue to have a strong impact on local spending and expect the snow resorts to benefit from this."