Sharona Harris is an Australian fashion industry native, previously having worked as the PR manager of the hairdressing company of Australian Fashion Week. Working alongside different designers and celebrities inspired her, in true entrepreneurial spirit, to launch F + H Jewellery. “I could see a gap in the market for a brand that had a modern tough-luxe aesthetic.” She explained.

Despite not having any formal training, Harris threw herself headfirst into research to create her original designs. As a fast learner and innate problem-solver, she relished the challenge. Today, she can cite Margot Robbie as a fan, and strong support from Australian stylists and fashion influencers. “But hey, Beyonce would be great!” She joked. In her products, Harris values originality and simplicity – particularly focusing on the customer service experience. “Every time I get an email or feedback from a customer, good or bad, it is an opportunity for me to learn something and hopefully then improve my product.”

“Continually trying to improve the quality of my product for my customer is also key.”

Harris cited music as her biggest influence in creating her products, particularly fashion trends that reflect different music genres from various eras. Accordingly, she’s just launched her new collection “Night Fever”, inspired by the decadence of the Studio 54 era. In the promotion campaign, model Eva Downey poses in F + H Jewellery while preparing for a night of dancing at an art deco hotel. At the moment, Harris works on her own, with merely a part-time assistant and a few sales agents to assist her. She maintains the business through her own Shopify e-commerce site – fandhjewellery.com - and a strong retail presence in Australia.

Recently, she’s expanded into New Zealand through picking up some key retailers, and is currently in talks with retailers in the UK – to push F + H Jewellery further into the international market. In the future, she hopes to gain a physical store in her home, Byron Bay. She also has plans to expand into the American market someday soon.