Fierce, Unapologetic, Pioneering: H&M Studio’s AW21 Collection

Inspired by an agenda-setting muse that is fearless, brave, and unafraid to make a statement, the Autumn collection is full of regal style references, including a custom-designed “Queendom” print in a graffiti-style scrawl. A punchy colour palette of royal blue, power purple, and acidic shots of orange and green enliven pale grey, black and cream staples; and the collection is made with more sustainably sourced materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled polyamide.

Volume is a recurring theme: a puffer jacket, puff-ball mini dress and a series of wide-legged trousers featuring clever cut-outs at the knees are all key pieces. Then there’s a modern variation on a three-piece, pinstriped suit: a shrunken jacket and bustier top that pairs with baggy trousers. Equally important are skin-tight bodysuits, leggings and mesh tops, some sprinkled with sequins and rhinestones, which switch up the silhouette and emphasise elevated comfort. Underwear sets with multi-straps and metal ring details are designed to be seen, pairing just as seamlessly with sweatshirts and T-shirts as with cropped knitwear.

“We were inspired by modern women who can command power in any situation, whether they’re wearing a pinstriped suit or lace underwear. We wanted to create versatile designs that you can style to suit your mood, but that always hit you in the solar plexus – these are statement-making designs for confident women,” said Linda Wikell, Concept Designer for H&M Studio.

“It feels like the right time for a strong Studio collection designed to make you feel like a queen. Comfort is still key, but we’ve amped up the attitude with empowering pieces in ultra-comfortable fabrics to make you look and feel confident,” said Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M.