Fashion Industry’s First Circular Materials Guideline

A non-profit organisation, Fashion Positive, has released the very first Circular Materials Guideline for the fashion industry. It aims to help those in the industry to have a better cohesive understanding about circularity and the impact the fashion industry has on the planet if circularity is not practised.

To create clean, safe and high-quality garments, circular yarns and fibres is actually the best choice. The core focus of creating a circular fashion industry is its ability to refine and extend a product's lifestyle, which in turn, decreases the amount of fashion waste we consume. The lifecycle of a garment can start from being incredibly well made using high-quality circular yarns, as well as being designed to be easily upcycled or revamped later down the track.

The Circular Materials Guideline aims to enable designers and manufacturers, as a whole, to build a more resilient fashion industry. The guide recommends different fabrics and textiles to opt for that incorporate recycled fibres within, it addresses the dangers of different chemicals and ways to operate using renewable energy.

Brands need to implement a long-term sustainability plan to enable a more sustainable and circular fashion industry - this guide will be a vital tool for all involved.

View the guideline, here.