The Power of Digital Business

American retail group, Urban Outfitters Inc. (includes brands like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People and others), is seeing immense growth in their business via digital means.

It has reported a $34 million quarterly profit, where in comparison to months before, the company was making serious losses.

Urban Outfitters is starting to slowly recover from their losses and they have their digital channels to thank for that.

After suffering from the impacts of store closures due to COVID-19, e-commerce grew at a rapid pace shortly after the initial hit. Urban Outfitter's women apparel, home and intimate categories saw significant growth, whilst Free People's Movement and Activewear lines also grew immensely.

Although the growth has been a nice surprise, the company is also conscious of the costs that have come with digital marketing and delivery and logistics. The company is confident that some shoppers still prefer in-person shopping, so though e-commerce channels seem like a good idea right now, they will not hibernate their physical presence just yet.