FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019

FASHIONCLASH is an interdisciplinary fashion festival in Maastricht, Netherlands. This three-day festival showcases 100+ emerging designers and performing artists from around the world. The festival was filled with fashion shows, presentations, talks, theatre and dance performances and much more.

FASHIONCLASH was opened with the Dress to Protest performance by students of the Maastricht Theatre Academy. It was eye-opening and unique, the perfect way to start this three-day festival filled with various shows, talks and diverse audience members. The Fashion Show block of the festival was a great way to discover fashion talent from around the globe. We saw designers such as Bruna Ignatowska from Brazil and Fabio Bigondi from Italy.

The Clash Show block saw presentations from non-fashion designers who had been asked to translate their vision of fashion into a fashion outfit. A showstopper being product designers Hanneke & Tosca's presentation where we saw a washing machine on the catwalk. This block saw creativity from all ends of the design industry.

The last block of the festival was the Partners & Awards show where designers from the collaboration partners, such as ModaLisboa and Czech Centre, are shown. This show presented costumes from the romantic comedy Fantasio, accompanied by a live soprano performance by Kristina Bitenca. Here we see the hybrid or "clash" between fashion and opera.

FASHIONCLASH also saw exhibitions of fashion designers who explored the limits of the industry and questioned the system. Moreover, being renowned for their inclusion of theatre and dance performances, the festival also sees several performances. One of which being the show Rage Against the Dying of the Light by the House of Confetti.

FASHIONCLASH Festival aims to discover, stimulate and shape current fashion developments. They do so by creating an invoking dialogue around fashion and its position in modern-day society.

Photos by: Pasarella Photography and Laura Knipsael.