3D Apparel Design for Tommy Hilfiger

Global design teams at Tommy Hilfiger's HQ in Amsterdam aim to achieve 100% 3D apparel design for their Spring 2022 collections.

As technology no doubt has become more and more dominant in our everyday lives, Tommy Hilfiger seizes the opportunity to make most of their processes as innovative as possible with the help of new learning and technological capabilities.

Daniel Griefer, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global said, "the potential of 3D design is limitless, allowing us to meet consumer needs faster and in a more sustainable way".

"Our Fall 2020 season, our men's dress shirts will be 100% 3D designed and require no sample production... this is the future".

Digitising traditional design and sample production steps in the fashion industry will allow for faster timelines and will allow for smooth integration into Digital Showrooms.

3D design technology did not just come out of thin air. Tommy Hilfiger has spent two years creating target pilots that have been successful in linking the 3D designs to the innovative Tommy Hilfiger Digital Showrooms. The formal introduction of their 3D designs will save time, costs as well as being able to increase sustainability.

50% of apparel divisions have been trained and educated in the 3D design technology and platform through STITCH Academy, a tech incubator founded by Tommy Hilfiger.