Fitout reflects sustainability

The importance of having a retail fit out which reflects your brand’s core strategies is a strong way to communicate with your customers, and outdoor brand Icebreaker has taken on this strategy with their new Queenstown store.

Their latest holding has been restyled and refurbished to reflect the brand’s focus on sustainability and eco-friendly designs. Environmentally conscious materials have been used throughout the store along with décor which shares their sustainable messages. Photos of growers and a map of the brand’s different suppliers sit on the walls along with trivia regarding the importance of eco-friendly shopping and wearing natural fibres.

Scott McNab, the brand’s general manager for New Zealand and Australia, released a statement elaborating on their decision to restyle their retail holdings. “Our new store concept will enable us to present Icebreaker to customers as more than just clothing on racks and instead we can offer a truly memorable experience that those visiting Queenstown retain with them when they return home all over the world,” he said. “I’m extremely excited and proud to have such a fantastic display of who we are in our spiritual home.”

Icebreaker has been highly involved in sustainable fashion since 1997. They have the longest-ever supply contract with local merino growers, ranging 10 years, 55 merino stations and NZD 100 million.

The brand’s new concept store reflects the industry’s understanding that retail holdings need to be more than just a decked-out warehouse. The more personal and interactive the space is, the most likely customers are to engage with the store and brand.