Foris Wilde

Up and coming New Zealand brand, Foris Wilde is preparing to make waves in the skincare industry. Apparel sat down with the brand's founder Tom McMurtry to discuss the unique niche his brand is preparing to fill in the market. “We specialise in luxury skincare products which are blended from native plant extracts and sustainably sourced organic ingredients,” explained McMurtry. “Our brand is a transposition of an old world classical luxury boutique to the environment of mystique and authenticity of New Zealand, while also adapting to the concerns and needs of the discerning modern consumer.”

These luxury skincare products are a representation of New Zealand, and McMurtry found that it was luxury skincare that was the best vessel to showcase the intimate ecology and overall serenity of Aotearoa. “We provide soothing skincare developed from a range of special ingredients, fragrances presented in uniquely fashioned Rimu jars, all of which tells a story unique to New Zealand.” The brand’s collection consists of body balms and a collection of regular and sensitive skin body scrubs. These products have been developed with the incorporation of New Zealand native ingredients such as harakeke, manuka and kanuka. “We listened to trends and formulated our brand around the things we are most passionate about; luxury products, New Zealand nature and story, sustainability, high craftsmanship and design.”

Foris Wilde represents New Zealand, and their sustainable practices ensure that their brand aligns with the values at the core of the country. “There is an opportunity to lead the way in the design of luxury level goods and business models as it is now completely possible to create the divine and desirable without impacting the environment,” related McMurtry. To achieve its sustainability goals, the brand aligned its sustainable skincare with eco-friendly businesses practices. “Our renewable rimu jars are designed to be too beautiful to throw away, and consumers are offered the choice to refill their jars with biodegradable pouches rather than buying a whole new product are a great way of achieving this.” McMurtry expressed his brand’s belief in sustainable practices and its alignment with the current luxury consumer’s mindset. “As long as your voice is authentic and done to a high level, then consumers do seem to be drawn to what has been created.”

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