Green Solutions, A Digital Automated Shoe Factory

Sustainability is currently driving change in the fashion industry. Most customers are becoming well-informed and actively engaging as they improve their environmental and social consciousness.

Green Solutions is a new company that combines footwear expertise from Main Group Technologies with the technological know-how of Pegaso Industries. It addresses the need to rethink existing production models based on sustainability and efficiency principles.

The company's mission is realised through designing and constructing production lines for shoe soles using recycled materials. It works on three fundamental principles: sustainability, traceability and automation.

Technology-enabled sustainability facilitates efficient waste recovery in production, provides complete control over raw materials and finished products, maximises process efficiency, reduces time, and minimises waste.

"We want to provide our customers with a turnkey service," said Green Solutions CEO Mirco Prai. "We accompany them from the initial steps, including feasibility studies and cost analysis, to the installation and commissioning of the plant."

Many manufacturers are looking to embrace this technology but are hesitant due to these systems' complexity and application methods.

"With our systems, we can reduce raw material waste by up to 20 percent and increase the operations that can be automated by up to 40 percent," said Mariano Bonato, President of Green Solutions.

"These are significant, tangible, and measurable results that allow us to make the footwear production cycle more sustainable, both by making it more efficient and by reintroducing waste materials into the process, which was unthinkable not too long ago."

Green Solutions production lines integrate machinery for the direct injection of thermoplastic materials such as EVA and TPU with a range of auxiliary equipment for material feeding, dehumidification, and automatic dosing.