Gwneth Paltrow and Max Factor celebrate Glamour through the decades

Gwneth Paltrow is a chameleon of screen sirens for Max Factor's new campaign. She is as sweet as Audrey Hepburn, vogue as as Madonna, glittery as Farah Fawcett, and, finally, as sexy as Bridgette Bardot. Is there anyone Gwenth cannot become?
The aim of the campaign is to celebrate glamour through the ages and by using modern products on a modern star it seems that consumers have a whole history lookbook for inspiration in the coming season. Although make-up is still strongly trend based, Max Fashion's broad view of their products in different times shows that make-up is fundamentally fun. With young adults likely to go through phases and experiment with their looks Gwen and Max Fashions are celebrating cosumers right to dress up and find their own era to own.

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