Harry Halim Spring Summer 2015 SELMA

Sharp, contrasting, attiring himself with an allure oscillating between glamorous and austerity; 
The human body turns into a sculpture. For this spring-summer 2015. SELMA – adopted word from SALEM.  The rendezvous of modern version of strong, elegant and powerful witches. 

The wardrobe is structured, sculpted, deconstructed tailoring, contrasting lengths, and cut outs.  The garment amplifies the natural body shapes. This woman is powerful and elegant.

Fabrics interact and surprise, a meeting between luxury and experimental. 
Double-faced silk satin, crepe, cracked leather, embroidery and transparency. 
The materials are used to create the modern sculpture above the underneath fluidity, embracing the body. 

SELMA collection offers variations on black and white colors into sober yet poetic atmosphere.

A highlight of summer bright red as a glimmer of hope. 
Maintaining the HARRYHALIM dark beauty and sensuality signature, this collection brings a new momentum.  A seductive vision of Salem's witchcraft straight from a late eighties idea of the future...



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