Award-winning accessory brand, HEX has announced the release of its new DSLR Camera Bags, now available online. Featuring an innovative Clamshell Backpack and Sling, the bags in the Ranger Collection come in black Cordura and a bold new camo colour.

After an extensive developing period whereby the bags underwent real-world tests, the bags proved to have been designed to be unique and extremely intuitive thanks also to input from top photographers involved in the process.

“We have been really involved in the photography community for many years, and we are very excited to have had the opportunity to include input from photographers into these bags. We think the results speak for themselves,” said Trent Valladares, co-founder of HEX.

Allowing the photographer to have total control over the setup of the bag to be top, left, or right-side loading, the patent-pending design of the Clamshell Backpack is more than just a new design; it is a new concept. The structure of the internal compartment is completely customisable using EVA foam partitions. The bag also features fully padded and faux-fur lined pockets for phones and laptops, a rain-fly, and a pass-thru luggage partition enabling the bag to be used with roller luggage.

Designed for added comfort, the bag comes with a new shoulder strap and multiple accessory pockets for convenience and practicality. A water bottle holder, security clip, molle systems, compression straps and tripod straps are also included – boasting an exceptional level of functionality. The team tasked with designing and developing the Clamshell Backpack held importance in ensuring the bags were both comfortable and discrete to avoid unwanted attention from being drawn to the expensive gear carried inside it.

Ideally functioning as a day bag for shorter, more focused trips, the Sling was designed to work perfectly alongside the Backpack. Featuring a fold-out bottom pad allowing for easy packing and transportation in carry-on luggage, the bag can be folded out to provide reliable EVA foam protection when it’s ready to be used. Removable foam dividers provided allow the bag to work as a structured, protective camera bag while enabling it to be packed away easily when required.

The Sling also includes a wide main compartment and separate faux-fur lined pockets for phones and tablets and comes with compression straps, mini tripod straps and two discrete pockets to put important or valuable items in.

HEX worked with renowned photographers Trashhand, Misshattan and Travis Jensen as part of the launch. This new line of Ranger DSLR Camera Bags come as an addition to the brand’s extensive and award-winning range of stylish accessories that provide complement to the creativity of the modern lifestyle.