H&M release LGBTQI range

One of the world’s most high profile fast-fashion retailers, H&M, are turning their attention to social issues. The company have debuted a new collection, Love For All, which represents and supports their LGBTQI customers.

H&M explained that they are dedicated to supporting “everybody’s right to love whoever they want,” using the medium they know best – fashion. Their capsule collection targets men, women and non-binary consumers and is heavily tied to the sportswear sector. The range is hugely colourful and features a selection of slogans, rainbow prints and streetwear-inspired silhouettes.

Emily Bjorkeheim, H&M’s head of design, released a statement promoting their capsule. “We wanted to create a certain vibe with a colourful collection – vibrant, statement-making and joyful,” she shared. Customers are encouraged to embrace the bold and nonconforming shapes and colours within the range. “There´s actually a lot of mixing and matching that can be done, which reinforces H&M’s messages of inclusivity and equality. Anyone can find their favourite piece and simply wear it with self-confidence.”

In addition to creating a range which embraces individuality and inclusivity, the brand has expressed its commitment to helping the LGBTQI community. They will be doing this by donating 10 percent of their new collection’s sales to the UN Free and Equal’s campaign for equal rights and the fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex communities.

“We are proud to continue our support for LGBTQI equality by celebrating love and raising awareness about the fight for equal rights, diversity and inclusivity.”