Huffer launches in Palmerston North

Iconic New Zealand brand Huffer has shared their opening date for their Palmerston North store. The streetwear brand is set to debut its new offering on the 8th of November in the Manawatu district.

The brand was founded in 1997 by Steve Dunstan, who spent much of his youth in the metropolis of Palmerston North. Given this, many have rather romantically said that this new venture of Huffer’s is them ‘returning home.’

The new store, which will be the label’s eighth holding, is expected to very much re-invent the retail experience for local shoppers. “People need the stimulation, and for us, our retail stores will always be more than just a store with product hanging,” said Dunstan. “It’s a way to demonstrate our culture and values, through events, closely engaging local communities.”

With the brand recently expanding into Australia with stores in Sydney, Bondi Beach and Melbourne Central, Kiwis are excited to see the label recommitting to their New Zealand audience. Huffer is also in the process of facilitating a launch in China and Korea, speaking to their worldwide appeal.