iD Dunedin 2021 Update

Looking ahead to next year, the iD Dunedin Fashion Inc Board are finalising plans for what will be an exciting programme.

The iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2021 call for applications will be made in mid-January with aspiring designers needing to submit their designs by the end of February.

With plans for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards show for 2021 to be in Dunedin in mid-June, iD Dunedin will be encouraging finalists from New Zealand and throughout Australasia to join them in Dunedin then. As well as the Show – which will culminate will the announcement of prizes valued up to $10,000, the team are currently developing some other exciting opportunities for finalists, which will be confirmed in the new year.

iD Dunedin thanks everyone for their support in 2020 look forward to bringing ID to Dunedin once more in 2021.