Not to induce cringe-worthy flashbacks of THAT Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake red carpet moment from 2001, but the "Canadian Tux" is back and better than ever. Late-90s to early-00s influences are still going strong in the street style world, giving double denim a chance to redeem itself. The way it's worn today looks much less dowdy, and is instead a go-to street style look for celebrities and fashion influencers.

Double-denim outfit formulas to try:

  1. Make like Bella Hadid (quite possibly the queen of modern-day double-denim) and work coordinating separates. Pair your denim jacket with denim bottoms of the same wash, whether it be a pencil skirt, a-line skirt, or flared jeans.
  2. Your best jeans plus a classic chambray shirt. Cigarette and Coke can optional, but do add a similarly cool accessory or two.
  3. A chambray shirt, denim skirt, and accessories on accessories on accessories! 
  4. The straight leg jeans and denim jacket combo is a good one for double-denim beginners. Get a feminine blouse to peek through underneath as a finishing touch!