ilabb is built on the concept of collaboration, the true nature of creativity, and has awarded the company a strong reputation for producing innovative concepts that step outside of the normal boundaries of fashion.

Unlike traditional releases that follow seasons, ilabb have taken on a steady release model that delivers consistent new offerings for customers throughout the year, producing work that is trans-seasonal to be worn all year round.

The latest collection, the experimentalists, revolves around the concept of scientific influenced design in an effort to drive forward innovation and discover a new unique – something the brand is no stranger to doing.

“A lot of our collaboration choices have come from our consumers. We know our customer shreds for R&V, amps on Mad Mike and eats BurgerFuel, so for us it's kind of natural that we do too. I think we're lucky to come from a country like New Zealand where there's a big community atmosphere. A lot of our collaborations begin out of our own networks, and just by connecting with companies and people we find inspiring,” said Seadon Baker, CEO, ilabb.

Looking at the inspiration board behind the experimentalists is an exciting visual journey. Multi-coloured abstract patterns mixed with digital technology paint a picture of a collection set to be flooded with full spectrum colour, but what ilabb does is translate these abstract images into a commercially successful range of clothes.

The collection spans across menswear and womenswear, in a palette of black, white and blue with a hint of purple, alongside a range of varied prints and contrasted textiles.

True to its name, the experimentalists is like a test of what can be paired with what, with the main focus of the collection being in the contrasted textiles, whether it be in the sleeve or right through the middle of a shirt.

Collaboration would seem to be so engrained in the brand culture that the collection could be described as finding the perfect collaboration between contrasting elements.

“Inspiring collaboration is something that’s been in ilabb’s DNA from day one and we are big believers that all these things can’t be done alone, not the creation nor that personalisation,” said Baker.

The next step for ilabb is to tackle Australia from a global perspective, as a fully capable retailer rather than a small New Zealand independent looking to expand.

“It’s a bit harder to crack into as they’ve already got some good brands there. There’s a few markets we want to play in, but America is head and shoulders the biggest and strongest when it comes to the action sports,” said Matt Saunders, creative director, ilabb.