Standard Issue

The AW16 collection from Standard Issue is the 30-year celebration of New Zealand made luxury knitwear. It’s a look back at the classic style from the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s, which has shaped Standard Issue and developed it into a strong knitwear provider for the New Zealand market.

In line with its name, the AW16 collection delivers simple garments that appear standard, yet stylish. Chunky knit sweaters and jumpers are available in simple colourways and a multi-coloured stripe print, along with the addition of a lemon colour option are a bright colour choice for winter.

The stripe and nostalgic styles like the guernsey draw inspiration from the classic grandma knitting style where she would create clothes from odds and ends found in her knitting bag. Other reference pieces including the vintage knitted hoodie make their return as a key piece in the collection as Standard Issue continues to acknowledge its history in order to continue moving forward. Stand out pieces include the Full House Sweater Dress that is more like a relaxed long t-shirt. The long cut is both comfortable and fashion forward, offering customers an effortless solution to looking good and feeling luxurious.

Perhaps the most adventurous piece in the collection is the Ditsy Daisy Sweater that experiments with a strong vintage knit pattern, giving vibes of a Christmas cardigan without pushing the boundaries too far that it doesn’t sit well in today’s market.

Each piece is 100 percent Italian cashmere made in New Zealand, spanning across colours including black, charcoal, eclipse, truffle, arctic, bluebell and pink salt.

Standard Issue have developed a legacy for producing the most technically advanced knitwear in the Southern hemisphere, using whole garment machines with the world’s best natural yarns to create sustainably designed and manufactured garments from its Auckland factory. The result is quality clothes that are made to last, with the handling and durability being just as important as the cut.

As a whole, the collection straddles the line between now and then, with the result being a modern mix on timeless pieces and includes re-imagined trends that seemed dead.

Alternatively, Private Collection Ltd, which owns and runs Standard Issue, also produces another label, Visage, which offers a more urban range of knitwear. The Visage AW16 collection is focussed on texture and keeps in line with its parent company’s philosophy of delivering luxury knitwear goods. Each piece is designed to be layered to add depth to the look, and emphasise the texture of the fabric.

Both collections range from $72 to $600, with the general idea that consumers are increasingly looking for quality garments that might cost a little bit extra, but last a lifetime.

Standard Issue and Visage are available online and stocked extensively throughout New Zealand, with additional stockists in both Australia and Canada.