In Detail: Steigen Performance Socks

steigen performance socks

Steigen means 'to rise and climb' in German. The brand evolved from a need for athletic apparel to be non-intrusive and high quality. When performing at your best, there are many elements that just need to work well.

"You should not be worried about your gear to intrude in 'rising and climbing'," explained Dom Godfrey, Manager and Distributor at Steigen.

Steigen aligns itself with run specialty, cycling specialty and triathlon/multisport retailers. Their customer base ranges from the weekend walker and jogger all the way to the professional triathlete. This is because comfort is essential at every level.

The main inspiration for creating performance socks is drawn from the owner, Louis Rowan's, professional running career. Rowan competed in the Commonwealth Games in 2006 in Melbourne in the 5000m. Rowan's passion for design fabrics, and his ability to train and perform led him to start thinking outside the box of what was possible for performance accessories and apparel.

The fabric used for Steigen Performance Socks is Invista Lycra and Microfibre Nylon. The brand does not use cotton or polyester as moisture can gather in these fabrics making the overall sock heavy whilst causing problems such as blisters.

Microfibre Nylon does not retain moisture, instead, they are 'moisture wicking', meaning it stays light and performs far superior to socks made from cotton/polyester.

Steigen's addition of 20 percent Invista Lycra is the main point of difference in the performance socks market. The material is difficult to source, however, when used in performance socks, it allows the sock to stretch and form to your foot.

This means Steigen Performance Socks can stretch and hold strong from Women's US 5 to Men's 12. One sock, one size to fit 95 percent of the population's feet, and unisex with over 30 styles to choose from.

For wholesale enquiries email, call Dom on +64 204 183 5709, or for more information visit