Instant Family

This touching film follows Pete and Ellie who decide to foster three siblings and create an instant family. The pair is thrust headfirst into parenthood and what follows is a series of hilarious and heartfelt moments, which perfectly encapsulate the complexities of any family.

Costume designer Lisa Lovaas created a wardrobe for each character that captured their unique style and personality. Isabelle Moner’s character Lizzy, had one of the most modern and fashion-forward wardrobes. Her outfits combined urban street style with comfy loungewear to create ensembles which demonstrated both her youthful laid-back attitude and her fashion consciousness. Large hoop earrings, plaid jackets and crop tops were key items for Lizzy’s wardrobe and created an effortless stylishness which was utterly in keeping with both the character's circumstances and personality. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Bryne’s characters had a shared style, which was highly suburban and conventional, as opposed to high-end fashion. Despite the characters’ lack of original style, their wardrobe accurately represented the comfort of suburban living. Their costumes presented them as warm, reliable and relatable characters which was in keeping with their roles as stable adult figures for their foster children. Scarves, heavy jackets and warm textures were recurring features of their wardrobes.

Lovaas’ costuming created a strong sense of character for each of the different roles and helped to communicate their unique personalities and experiences to audiences, without saying a word.