InStitchu and David Jones team up

Two of the most prominent players in menswear have come together for a unique partnership, as InStitchu opens a unique showroom in David Jones’ Sydney CBD Flagship store.

Both companies are known for their high-end products, making the partnership a natural move for both organisations. The David Jones showroom will be InStitchu’s 10th in Australia and the United States and is expected to drive sales. The showroom was designed by Interior Designers Laguna & Co and combines the aesthetics of old-world tailoring with new technology. Customers are able to flick through fabric books and the design options on InStitchu’s website to create their custom looks in store.

Co-founders of InStitchu Robin McGowan and James Wakefield released statements expressing their excitement for this new partnership. “It’s a real honour to be a part of the wider David Jones family and to have the opportunity to display our custom, tailored suits to thousands of shoppers every single day,” said Wakefield. “The bigger opportunity, however, will be to show these shoppers how easy, enjoyable and affordable finding a perfectly fitted suit and completely custom suit can be.”

“This unique partnership with David Jones is an opportunity for both businesses to combine the classic ease of department store retail with the contemporary pleasure of our tech-based, old-world tailoring experience,” emphasized McGowan.

While this is the first joint venture from the two companies it has been expressed that customers can expect more showrooms to be opened by the pair in Australia within the next year.