The Australian made-to-measure suit retailer, InStitchu, has announced that they will be opening a new showroom in O’Connell Street, Auckland. This is their first venture overseas and the start of their global expansion, InStitchu aims to be a household name.

“All over the world there is an increasing demand for professional, affordable quality menswear. Auckland was the obvious choice for us when it came to our next showroom. The city culture is thriving and gentlemen are ready to give something new and exciting a try,” said Robin McGowan, InStitchu co-founder.

InStitchu finds their showrooms are an extension of their online brand. Customers who  come instore to be measured, have their data stored on their InStitchu profile online. This allows customers to maintain a history of their measurements and suiting, and can order custom made garments online specifically designed for them.

“We understand that each person is different, some may want to shop online, others prefer to feel the fabric before purchasing. We simply work to provide our customers with as many options as possible, resulting in a truly flexible shopping experience,” said James Wakefield, InStitchu co-founder. “It is not just the process which is flexible, everything about each InStitchu garment, down to the material of the buttons, can be customised to match each customer’s personal preference.”