Introducing… Antimicrobial Reusable Packaging

There is a new packaging solution that will use antimicrobial technology to help consumers stay safe and healthy during this time.

Returnity has partnered with Polygiene to create an improved reusable packaging product that is treated with Polygiene's ViralOff antimicrobial solvent. This is a first for the packaging industry and it directly addresses the recent health crisis. Further, as it can be reused, it aims to continue the fight against plastic pollution, which has seen a reverse since disposable PPE has been crucial for health professionals and the general public.

Returnity is the leader in implementing reusable shipping packaging, designing and manufacturing cost-effective and lightweight boxes and bags that are disrupting the wasteful, expensive, and environmentally harmful shipping packaging market. Returnity helps eliminate defunct cardboard boxes and poly mailer bags, reducing packaging expenses, providing a financial return, improved user experience, and significant reductions in resource consumption.

"What we do at Returnity is to build out these reusable solutions and empower the broader systems necessary for companies to shift to the circular economy. By partnering with Polygiene, we are now able to create something that better addresses consumer needs in our world today, said Mike Newman, CEO of Returnity.

Polygiene treats materials to keep garments, footwear, gear and textiles fresh and lasting longer. Their ViralOff antimicrobial solvent inhibits bacterial growth.

"Our vision is to change washing and disposal habits and significantly reduce the environmental impact of a product. When we met Returnity, we realized that our objectives were aligned and that there was an opportunity to work together to further enhance their reusable boxes and bags by treating them with ViralOff,” said Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene.