The 2019 Expo Riva Schuh is the 92nd edition of the famed footwear event and will be taking place this June, making it the ultimate place to be for those involved in the ever-growing footwear industry. This event is a place where brands and buyers from across the world can meet to discuss new business ventures and the evolution of the industry, making it an unmissable event for those looking to stake their claim on the sector.

Representatives of some of the more influential footwear regions around the world will be making appearances, with Italy, Europe, India and China all presenting a substantial showing. This diversity ensures that visitors can collate the most up to date information about the direction of their industry, place advanced orders and update their own production plans. In addition to forging connections, the event presents an innovative showing, educating buyers and brands alike on the international market trends and changes which could influence their region in the coming seasons.

The expo is a hugely valuable experience for those in the footwear industry and provides a diverse range of opportunities for those in attendance. This is the events second showing for the year, with the first taking place in January, and is industry players last chance for 2019 to engage with such a diverse number of international names.

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