Isaac + Lulu

From the camp of Caroline Sills, a new generation of clothing has emerged in the form of Isaac + Lulu, the youth focussed creative collaboration between Toni Sills and Ange Todd. Named after the children of Sills and Todd, Isaac + Lulu is the embodiment of the two kids’ big personalities, traits that have been filtered down to a simple mantra of style over fashion that clashes lady luxe with urban tomboy.

“Isaac + Lulu was created by us and for us, for our friends and people like us. We love, value and are serious about being considered, accessible and unexpected, it works with our lifestyles and it makes us feel individual, we call it elegant indifference,” said Ange Todd, designer, Isaac + Lulu.

Summer 2016 is no different, now in its fourth season and showing a clear understanding of the direction the brand is moving in. This season features a subtle Coachella narrative while incorporating hints of the ‘90s and an overall polished Boho attitude. Having begun planning in September last year, the collection was finalised in December with fabric sourcing and design happening organically together to develop a synergistic blend of luxury feel and accessibility.

Consisting of combed cotton, viscose, t-shirting, cotton silk blends, soft linen and new generation polyesters, the collection draws together multiple textures and at points joins them together to present interesting takes on classic silhouettes.

“People always like a story; it makes the collection personable and presents garments that customers can relate to. It needs to make sense together on the rack without explanation,” said Toni Sills, brand manager, Isaac + Lulu.

The story coming through for summer 2016 is clear, an adventurous girl that likes to experiment with new trends, but understands the importance of having classic silhouettes and pieces that can be used interchangeably with other garments in the range, both from this season and previous collections.

The influence of activewear has seen its way into the summer 2016 range, with multiple pieces utilising the comfort of sporting fabrics, keeping in mind the importance of style.

Alongside the colour palette of Rockmelon, denim, shell and grey marle is the introduction of some exclusive prints to bring out the playful nature of the Isaac + Lulu customer.

“Customers want exclusivity, and it is important to be selective of prints as to not take away from the value of the collection,” said Sills.

Standout pieces include the Kennedy Floral Kimono top paired with the Lily Floral Short, a look that is the cornerstone of Isaac + Lulu’s youthful undertone.

Developed in the same seaside Devonport studio that houses Caroline Sills, Sills, and Kathryn Wilson, designer Ange Todd thrives in the open creative environment.

“I’m surrounded by a depth of talent and inspiration within the whitewashed seaside offices that we share with Caroline Sills and Kathryn Wilson. We’re lucky to have Caroline, an absolute matriarch of the industry and all around incredible woman. A force of style in her Dries Van Noten and Margiela - as a mentor she provides us with a creative environment that nurtures the best in us, and she doesn’t mince words if it isn’t,” said Todd.

For the most part, the collection is produced in New Zealand, with 90% of the woven garments made locally. Isaac + Lulu, alongside sister brands Caroline Sills and Sills, utilise the technological advantages of producing knitwear offshore, being able to keep up with increased demand.

Having already shopped the collection out to an extensive range of stockists across New Zealand, the new range is set to be delivered in late July, and is also available through its four flagship stores and online.