It’s Time To Get Toasty!

TOAST Society is bringing a new dimension to fashion with the latest celestial-inspired collection, Orbit. These puffers will have you excited for the cooler months ahead, with bright and enchanting designs with a futuristic edge.

Discovering a gap in the market for edgy, cool, stylish and toasty-warm puffer jackets, TOAST Society was created by sister-dup Alex and Georgie Babyska in 2018. Inspired by the wild, rule-breaking street fashion of Tokyo, TOAST has re-interpreted the staple puffer jacket with cropped cuts, oversized pockets and hoods, statement collars and unique embellishments like funky zips.

TOAST Society is known and loved for its pastel hues and bold colours. Crafted in a mix of buttery soft, glossy and metallic fabrics that are water and wind-resistant, TOAST Society is ready for any occasion, whatever the weather.

The Orbit collection is inspired by the transcendent energy of the solar system.

"After such a tumultuous year with COVID-19, we really wanted to take people to another dimension that is colourful, exciting, positive and enchanting. By using unique fabrications, special lighting that felt ethereal, 'spacey', props that represented an orbit, and injecting colour through the collection that had 'meaning' we felt could achieve this," said the two.

Yellow, in particular, was a must for the duo. Like the sun, it felt energising, bright and enlightening. Sky Blue on the other hand represents the sky and the sea - associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition and imagination.

"Again, a lot of these things we didn't get to experience to its full potential last year, so with a combination of unique colours, fabrications, visual assets and naming nearly every style after planets, we felt we could take our customers to an alternate reality."

With an emphasis on quality, durability and wearability, TOAST Society uses high-quality vegan down made to be lightweight and breathable.

Available online from the 15th of March 2021.