Japanese Fashion Giant Bans Alpaca Wool after PETA Appeal

PETA US has done a first-of-its-kind undercover investigation of Mallkini - the world's largest privately-owned alpaca farm in Peru. This investigation reveals that workers would mistreat alpacas leaving them bleeding and crying out in fear.

Since this exposé, the Japanese Fashion Giant, Uniqlo, has banned the use of alpaca wool in its products. Uniqlo has 20 stores in Australia - which has all banned the use of alpaca wool.

"We welcome Uniqlo's compassionate decision, which will help prevent vulnerable alpacas from being abused and shorn bloody for their wool," said PETA spokesperson Emily Rice.

"We're urging people who care about animals to boycott alpaca wool and opt for vegan clothing instead, which no animal has to suffer for."

PETA also notes that in addition to causing gentle alpacas immense suffering, the production of alpaca wool is disastrous for the planet. The Higg Materials Sustainability Index ranks it as the second most environmentally damaging material after silk, noting that it's six times as harmful as polyester and more than four times as damaging as modal, viscose, rayon, lyocell, acrylic, and other vegan materials.