Joanna Vargas

The world of celebrity skincare is complex, but Joanna Vargas has taken the challenges in her stride. Vargas offers one of a kind treatments from her spa in New York, owns a namesake skincare brand and is preparing to expand into body care. A-list celebrities including Mandy Moore, Mindy Kaling and Elisabeth Moss have entrusted the stylist with their red-carpet appearances, and now Apparel Magazine has sat down with Vargas to discuss her impressive career.

“When I opened my own salon in 2006, I knew that I wanted to focus on teaching women we could strive to be the best version of ourselves by doing things in a non-invasive way,” revealed Vargas. This was very much a pull against the norm. But there had always been a substantial push in the industry towards aggressive treatments. Vargas made a name for herself by doing things differently. “The reason I use non-invasive treatments in my salon is that I truly believe it’s the right path to real beauty.” 

I don’t offer cookie-cutter beauty.

Vargas expanded her offerings from her salon into skincare and now body care, all to provide her customers with a well-rounded experience. “I wanted my products to be luxurious in experience, and for clients to feel like they were getting a piece of my services from the salon, at home with every use,” she explained. The key to skin care is simple, declared Vargas. Despite people becoming increasingly savvy with their routines and products, creating a line which is effective and non-invasive is how the skincare expert has made a name for herself. “I developed my skincare collection because I wanted good nutrition for the skin and products that multi-task when I use them.”

“It has always been my understanding as a facialist or skincare professional, that you have to take care of your whole body, not just the skin on your face,” asserted Vargas. People have been ignoring body care, but the specialist has been dedicated to opening her client’s eyes. “I think people tend to imagine it as less necessary or at least less vital. The one thing I always remind clients is that the skin is an organ and needs care all over.” 

For customers to achieve their skin goals, Vargas insisted that there is no magic solution, but by using the right products and completing the same steps every day, anyone can feel beautiful. “My proudest moments are when I can see I have given someone a new lease on life. Women come to me who have had acne their whole lives and when I cure it, I know I have changed their confidence forever.”

Vargas shared with Apparel Magazine that she is most proud of being known as someone who encourages women to embrace the things that make them unique. “I don’t offer cookie-cutter beauty,” she quipped. For those looking to expand their careers in the same way Vargas has done, she offered some simple advice. “Listen to your gut. I have made some really bold moves, but if they feel right you have to go for it!”