Joaquin Phoenix is hitting the big screen with his character study of the Joker. The standalone film is set in the 1980s when the Joker has a stab at stand up comedy before turning to a life of crime. Phoenix’s very human take on the character looks to bring a whole new side to Gotham City’s biggest bad guy. Costume designer Mark Bridges did a fantastic job at breathing new life into the iconic look of the Joker. The very experienced Bridges is known best for his stunning tailoring and dresses seen in the 2017 film Phantom Thread. At first, Phoenix’s Joker is seen in slightly oversized, second-hand-esque suiting with large late 70s collars. As his journey continues, we see the Joker establish a new iconic suit in a daring bright red paired with an orange vest and a green shirt. All of which screams the late 70s, bold, loud, muted prints on vibrantly coloured fabrics. The style of clown make up is very different from what we are used to seeing – circa Jared Leto and Heath Ledger. The effective shortened, high angled red brows and dripping blue triangles under the eyes are a call back to his plastic children’s mask seen earlier in the movie. The dramatic sidestep in makeup pulls this Joker away from any we may have known before.