Jorge Alfaro is a fashion designer with a broad aesthetic that extends from the creation of futuristic avant-garde garments to the development of an activewear brand that is to be launched at the 2018 Vancouver Fashion Week. “Being involved in both these areas of design allows me to build a sustainable business-savvy brand but at the same time continue with my passion for innovation and designing freely,” he said. Alfaro also teaches on the Whitecliffe Fashion Design programme. “I love passing on the knowledge I have gained and working with aspiring designers is extremely rewarding.”

Alfaro works closely with stylists within the New Zealand fashion industry and his avant-garde garments are an integral part of the entrants’ submissions in the annual hair competition Wella Trendvision. He even had one of his garments selected for the World of Wearable Arts Museum in 2012 when he was still studying at Whitecliffe. The activewear collection, constructed with technologically-advanced fabrics, is designed specifically for women who appreciate stylish, high-functioning garments that transition from activities like yoga and jogging to casual, comfortable wear. “My intention with this collection is to create a globally-recognised brand that delivers high-end sports clothes to a wide range of international markets.”

Born in Peru, Alfaro grew up in New York and, after moving to New Zealand, he applied to Whitecliffe because he had heard of the school’s strong industry contacts. “Whitecliffe is not only a school where you develop creative potential, but there is also a support system that helps guide you after graduation,” Alfaro added. “I love designing and making clothes, and at Whitecliffe we were given the freedom to explore and flourish from within.”