Fresh out of university, Shannen Young is presenting an extended collection from her 2016 graduate project at New Zealand Fashion Week this year. The collection explores the difference in dress between east and west. “This led me to explore alternative pattern making,” she said. “The concept ‘flatness’ inspired the cut of the garments. My pattern process was very experimental at first, but after I developed key silhouettes I was able to base other designs off them.”

Although this collection will not be available for purchase, the designs can be easily adapted for the commercial market. Young hopes her time at NZFW will connect her with the people who are interested in what she does. She also wants to gain insight into the New Zealand fashion industry.

The collection features big sleeves, bold visual prints, 2-D silhouettes and shape opposition in heavy weight bonded fabrics, silks and cotton lawn. “The classic check and stripe pattern has been warped or manipulated to give it a 3-D quality that counteracts the flat shapes.” A highlight in the collection is the green, blue and beige stripe coat. “The combination of colours complement each other well and bring out the vibrancy in the other.”