Kathmandu pranks shoppers with a weather proof wedding dress

Kathmandu announced that they were preparing to debut the latest innovation in outdoor apparel, proving that the functionality of one’s attire is crucial for any event, and exciting customers around the country.

The group revealed the world’s first all-weather wedding dress, providing a beautiful style for the outdoor loving bride. The all-terrain dress could pack down to the size of a travel backpack and included a waterproof finish, a transformable hood, merino wool linings and large pockets.

The gown was designed by Tanya Carlson and was styled in her classic silhouette with minimal seams and elegant draping. “Instead of worrying about the weather, a bride wearing the Kathmandu Adapt All-Weather-Wedding Dress can let her sense of adventure run free,” insisted the designer.

While the gown is indeed weather friendly and has been met with positive responses, the entire release was part of an elaborate prank by the brand in celebration of April Fools.

The gown does in fact exist, but will not be developed for the mass market. Instead, the dress will be put up for auction with the proceeds being donated to the New Zealand Himalayan Trust.

“Kathmandu has no intention to produce the dress for a wider market, but we look forward to meeting the auction winner who wants to say yes to a highly-adaptable, all-weather dress.”