What Men Want

What Men Want is a hilarious re-imagining of the classic 2000’s film What Women Want, bought to life by director Adam Shankman. When Ali Davis is passed over for a promotion at work, she suddenly gains the ability to hear men’s innermost thoughts. Her new gift provides excellent insight into the frightful minds of the male species as well as plenty of opportunities for comedic gold.

Costume designer Sekinah Brown created a unique style for the films leading lady which encapsulated the strength and authority of the character. Taraji P Henson who plays Ali Davis was dressed in a collection of on-trend business wear which included power suits, tailored jackets and pencil skirts. The wardrobes pallet was muted with a heavy use of blacks and greys, but also featured striking patterns which bought life to the clothes. Henson is a reliable and energetic character, and her wardrobe reflected her bubbly personality as well as her business intellect. Her ensembles were formal without being dowdy and captured the perfect blend of corporate uniformity and individual flair, making the wardrobe highly aspirational for women with high powered careers.

What Women Want brought audiences a modern twist on traditional corporate wear, which gave the film a high fashion appearance without deviating too far from our current understanding of corporate fashion.