LEO+BE’s Spring 2019 collection SOUL STIRRING sees the brand continue to develop its signature fun-loving look. “Playful prints are a key part of the LEO+BE collections, with everything from abstract floral to monkey motifs making an appearance,” designer Jenny Drury told Apparel Magazine. “We always like to play around, mix textures, and blur the lines between organic forms and geometric lines.”

Inspired by the architecture and atmosphere of Cuba, SOUL STIRRING is a vibrant celebration of colour. Luscious lemons and raging reds pay tribute to the Caribbean island’s traditionally loud, colourful clothing, all tied back with wearable camels and khakis. “The range has a real happy-go-lucky feel, inspired by Cuban life, which encourages us to escape every day and disappear into foreign territories for a while,” said Drury.

Though the collection is targeting the streetwear/boutique market, designer Jenny Drury crafted SOUL STIRRING from as many natural fibres as possible, sticking mostly to cotton or cotton mixes. “All the garments have a point of difference to them, and the fabrication throughout is playful and mischievous,” said Drury.  “I think this creates a signature for the collection and customers love to see a new take on a favourite style that they trust and know.”

The collection will be delivered into stores at the beginning of August, and though many orders have already been placed, it’s not too late to grab a piece of the action. “We usually indent a range four months ahead of delivery, but we always carry stock on our ranges so stores can reorder.” LEO+BE’s SOUL STIRRING is best suited for a mixed-label store which complements the brand’s easy femininity and youthful energy. “LEO+BE will always take you where it’s fun, and in today’s world of jet-setting women this collection is a ticket to escapism.”

For order enquiries, contact jenny@ketz-ke.co.nz.