It has been a fine line for fashion brands, or all brands, as a matter of fact, to be ‘speaking’ up about the issue and sounding authentic or speaking about the issue and looking like they’re ‘band-wagonning’.

It’s one thing to be posting on social media but for a consumer, it is easy to highlight the difference between a brand who is actually proactive in taking steps to create a change to one that is not.

Online fashion retailer, ASOS, has been a global brand that is not staying quiet about their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Silence isn’t an option. We share the sorrow and outrage of the world over the grave injustice leading to the tragic loss of George Floyd's life, along with Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and so many other Black lives. We may be a brand, but we’re also made up of real people who care deeply about standing alongside ALL our ASOSers. That means we also understand just how important it is to put meaningful action behind all that we do. So, we will be making a donation to a relevant organization in the coming days. We’re constantly working on ways to support positive change and we’ll continue to give a voice to important conversations, today and always. We hear you and we stand with you.

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Along with their donations to organisations, they have been proactively working on ways ASOS as a brand can support a positive change.

“We’ll continue to give a voice to important conversations, today and always. We hear you and we stand with you.”

“Following our initial post, we acknowledge this is not just a trending moment, but a catalyst for lifelong change.”

The brand has openly expressed their concerns and their support for the movement throughout their socials with multiple posts and comments addressing the issue.

Now, they plea to their followers – “please believe us on all of this”.

With the dangerous line of looking inauthentic in their support, we believe ASOS has done their absolute most in being a positive role model for brands who are wanting to support the movement.

Here are the ACTIVE steps that ASOS are doing as they examine every aspect of their business.

  1. ASOS will be setting up a team to shape a Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which will be instrumental in creating the changes we need to see at ASOS.
  2. ASOS will commit to creating clear goals for equal opportunities in our workplace and across our content channels to lift up our Black community.
  3. ASOS will be educating themselves on topics including systemic racism, unconscious bias and appropriation of Black culture in order to make ASOS a fairer and more inclusive place.