Immediately, this book throws its readers into New York City in the early 1980s. Featuring a range of infamous Lo-Life gang members and the history of what simply started as an informal gang uniform. Little did they know that these uniforms, organised around clean designs and bright colours, would turn into more than just an iconic statement. Crews of teenagers formed from Brownsville and Crown Heights in Brooklyn and made a name for themselves by dressing head-to-toe in expensive Ralph Lauren clothing, “Lo.” Polo apparel, or a range of other preppy 80 fashion labels. This represented an aspirational lifestyle for these kids from rough neighbourhoods who were struggling to get by. The Lo-Life gang would acquire these expensive clothing by shoplifting, stick-ups and hustling. Lo-Life: An American Classic showcases the remarkable story of a small group of teenagers and documents the personal collections of exclusive archival imagery paired with interviews with the original members.