Lucilla Gray

Imagine the serenity of walking through a Japanese garden, the sound of nature, the whisper of the wind. Hold that thought. It is there that Lucilla Gray built her Spring/Summer 2016 collection, harnessing various Japanese design principles while experimenting with new techniques.

“I worked with new techniques this season such as the pleating. I used this to distort the print in the collection, which evolved and developed over time,” said Gray.

Mimicking those of the Japanese garden, this season Gray looked carefully at Japanese design rules, one of which is simplicity and expanded on it to put together a full collection. The result was a showcase of garments that blended romantic minimalism with graphic lines, all in line with Gray’s established signature of bold silhouettes. The colour palette came naturally, mixing earth tones with hints of pastel.

Working from the silhouette first, Gray will develop an idea and the direction before moving onto sourcing fabrics, however everything is subject to change as the elements each start to influence each other.

“The stand out piece this season would have to be the pleated trouser worn by Marni at fashion week. It is a dramatic yet simple design.”

The implementation of pleats this season posed a challenge for Gray, who wanted to bring new elements to her design process. It doesn’t stop at pleats however, as Grey looks to expand her brand, eventually opening up a flagship in order to bring the company to full bloom. Gray urged that young designers need to be able to take risks.

“I want to see the brand become more progressive. It’s important to create a unique design identity.”