Lululemon’s New Sustainable Fashion Initiative

To celebrate Earth Day 2022 Lululemon has launched a new resale programme called Like New. With consumers today caring more about sustainability than ever, the brand is taking this first step in the US on April 22nd.

Like New is the activewear brand's newest environmentally-conscious endeavour that is working towards a more circular ecosystem and sustainable fashion. This new resale programme has options for customers to return and trade in any old Lululemon pieces for store credit in the form of e-gift cards. The piece is then revived and refreshed for another customer to purchase in a 'like new' condition and at a discounted rate.

They are striving to keep their products out of landfills, lessening their carbon footprint and helping to restore the planet. Lululemon has said that they will reinvest 100% of the Like New profits back into their sustainability initiatives, including circular product design, renew and recycle programs, and store environmental programs.