The Hemp-Wool Blend Reducing Fast Fashion


Using the softness and environmental attributes of Merino wool and Hemp, Hemprino is challenging the world of fast fashion by creating high quality products from the new blend that lasts.

With a shared passion as farmers and wool advocates, Siobhan O’Malley and Paul Ensor sought to create an innovative clothing line utilising natural fibres. Merino and Hemp are known for being warm, soft and breathable with moisture wicking properties. The fibres filter UV light to protect the skin, are durable and soften over time. 

Designed for all genders, the 100% New Zealand made Hemprino Pioneer Crew launched its first limited run earlier this month. Further products and colourways are to be released in the near future. 

Merino wool is well known for its  durability and antibacterial properties but hemp is a developing industry. Hemp is an environmental super fibre, using very little input to grow. The fibre is four times stronger than cotton.

Hemprino are working closely with New Zealand manufacturers and farmers to build the demand for a hemp fibre industry in New Zealand.

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